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Zombie Weeners

Zombie Weeners gamesFight Back against the Zombie Apocalypse! They want Brains? Feet? Torsos? No Problem! Silly Zombies don't know you Poisoned their Tasty Cadaver Treats! You're gonna Save this Town if you've gotta Chainsaw every non-Zombie Corpse to do it!!
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Find the Difference Game Play - 4

Find the Difference Game Play - 4 gamesThis game is exclusively developed to test your power of observation in finding the difference.Find the possible differences in given pictures.Try to find the difference before time ends.
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Friv 3

Reverb 2
Games information: Games name: Reverb 2 The Second half of the creepy action packed puzzle game that got us all pulling our hair out until our faces turned green. Left Mouse button = shoot/punch W, A, S, D = Move around/drive. Left and right arrow keys to change weapons Mouse = Aim look and shoot/Move Shift = For turbo in the jeep


FWG Bridge
Games information: Games name: FWG Bridge Build the bridge across the canyon. Sound easy? Think again. The physics is really cool, and it is a huge challenge getting the structure right. Once your bridge is built, these strange creatures can cross safely I hope. The bridge building challenge incr Mouse click from one point to another to lay a piece of the bridge.

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Jungle Combat
Games information: Games name: Jungle Combat Proceed through the jungle and shoot the shadows of the soldiers hiding in the underbrush. Spacebar - Move Forward. Mouse - Move Left and Right / Shoot.

Friv Juegos

Horse Show Jumping
Games information: Games name: Horse Show Jumping Jump cleanly over the course of obstacles within a time allowed. Up Arrow Key - Accelerate. Down Arrow Key - Stop / Move Down. Left / Right Arrow Key - Move Left / Right. Spacebar - Jump.

Overkill Apache 2

Overkill Apache 2 gamesThe Apache is back and more powerful than ever! The side-scrolling shoot 'em up sequel gives your more levels, more enemies and more weapons. Guide the chopper through waves of tornado jets, enemy choppers, tanks and more. Destroy everything as you ...
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